Who Is Inkrypt?

Meet the team

System Architecture

Dr. Muhammad Ali Chaudhary

Founding Team and Advisors

Professor of Law and Society at Griffith University

Dr. John Flood

General Partner at Reflective Venture Partners | Harvard

David Otto

Founder of GridRepublic
| Yale

Matthew Blumberg

Founder of Rekindle and Objective Logistics
| Wharton

Philip Beauregard


Erbil Kaplan


Wardah Chaudhary

Blockchain Implementation

Arkam Javed

Corporate Development

Farhan Javed

business lead

Rohan Chaudhary

Lead Developer

Brian Taylor


Strategic Partners

Partners of the Inkrypt project

Accepted into Harvard Innovation Labs

January 2018


Recent News

Inkrypt in the Media

Contact Inkrypt

If you have any questions about the project or how you can participate, please reach out:


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