How Does Inkrypt Work?

Inkrypt System Architecture

Distribution of replicated fragments ensures data resilience: information gains permanence as there is no single point of failure

I2P and Tor pathways ensure anonymized nodal communications: nodes cannot be targeted, subpoenaed or located

Data Resilience + Anonymity = Comprehensive Censorship Resistance


Inkrypt also allows users to choose varying levels of privacy and permanency for each upload

User Control of Permanency and Privacy

The user can customize the level of privacy and speed — the greater the level of privacy, the lower the speed and vice versa

By using end-to-end encryption, even tech companies can’t read users’ messages


Users can also customize the level of permanence and cost — the higher the permanence, the higher the cost

Inkrypt is the only solution that integrates privacy, security and a decentralized storage architecture to provide comprehensive, censorship-resistant cloud hosting.

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