What Is Inkrypt?

Current centralized internet architecture is prone to censorship, breach and latency

Citizens face targeting due to the lack of anonymity, and their data is vulnerable to hacking

We have a global problem:

Governments can easily manipulate the flow of information

Underdeveloped regions suffer from inefficient internet infrastructures

While the cloud storage market is projected to grow from $31 billion in 2017 to $89 billion by 2022, vast regions of the world lack efficient cloud infrastructures and are mired in latency

Insiders can safely report to journalists or compliance agencies any egregious behavior, such as insider trading, unethical usage of customer data, government atrocities, etc.


The publishing industry, both enterprises and freelancers, can achieve global distribution of their content, irrespective of the policies of regimes

Decentralized messaging applications can be run on top of the Inkrypt protocol layer through serverless communication channels, ensuring private and anonymous messaging between users

Private Messaging

Enterprises that compile sensitive user information are provided with enhanced data security by eliminating centralized servers that can be breached by hackers

Data Breach Resistance


Inkrypt is the anonymous decentralized cloud that seeks to solve these problems

Inkrypt Ecosystem Use Cases

Value Proposition

An anonymous, decentralized content-hosting solution that provides censorship resistance

Catapult data security to new heights, protecting both the reputation of enterprises and the privacy of user information

Protect against targeting of data collectors and whistleblowers through anonymity

Promote the free flow of information with censorship-resistant methods

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